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  John L. Harter

(John Harter was found dead in his cottage on June 4, 2008)


John Harter is a painter. He was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1940.

John Harter served time in the navy and got locked down by maniacs with Jesse Bernstein; Steven J. to some of you; Seattle's now-gone quintessential street poet.

John Harter lives and paints on a wooded parcel of land on a Native-American reservation near Marysville, Washington. He's been there for a spell. It's a magic, wild, fiercely independent stronghold. John Harter is all those things himself.

John Harter is an artist with immense talent but no talent for playing the hokey-pokey with the Art World; hence, he has been rendered a non-person in that world. What else is new?

I've got a list of shows stretching from 1965 into the late 90s, when they started locking John out--locked down and then locked out; I'm not going to give those galleries the respect of listing their names. The list of shows doesn't tell you anything about who John Harter is, nor does it tell you anything about the quality of his art. Cut out the middle man. Go to the source.

Here are 57 paintings to feast your eyes on, done in acrylic on canvas over wood backing and strip-framed; selling for $500 each plus shipping costs.
Click here to see the gallery.

To inquire about purchase, contact John Bennett by clicking here: dasleben@elltel.net
Painting Dimensions:

1. Roy's Computer 03 (H:18 X W:24)

2. Stop 03 (H:18 X W:24)

3. Glider w/ Inc. Splash 03 (H:20 X W:16)

4. Upward Through Paper Slit 03 (H:18 X W:20)

5. Glider w/ Inc. Spill II 03 (H:20 X W:18)

6. Glider w/ Inc. Spill I 03 (H:18 X W:20)

7. Lake Vision w Glider + Car 03 (H:15 X W:20)

8. Inc. Blots 04 (H:24 X W:18)

9. World's Fair w Fire Balls and Glider 03 (H:20 X W:15 1/2)

10. Couch with Helmet 03 (H:20 1/2 X W:26)

11. Analysis I 03 (H:24 X W:18)

12. Sumi Circle 03 (H:16 X W:20)

13. Turn 04 (H:15 X W:20)

14. Starry Night 03 (H:18 1/4 X W:24)

15. Alaskan Way Viaduct (H:26 ½ X W:21 ½)

16. Bringing the Automatik Light (H:28 X W:22)

17. Middle East Auto-Matik 1 (H:28 X W:22)

18. Middle East Auto-Matik II (H:26 X W:22)

19. Self Portrait (H:26 ½ X W:21 ½)

20. Brick House Storm Tower (H:21 ½ X W:26 ½)

21. Convention Center Park (H: 26 ½ X W:21 ½)

22. I-5 Freeway Eclipse (H:26 ½ X W:21 ½)

23. Ink Spill (H:21 ½ X W:26)

24. K’s Reflextion (H:18 X W:21 ½)

25. Measured Space w Inc. blots (H:28 X W:22)

26. Mercer Ramp (H:26 ½ X W:21 ½)

27. Middle East Auto-Matik III (H: 24 X W:18)

28. Museum East Auto-Matik (H:32 X W:13)

29. One Sided (H: 21 ½ X W:28 ½)

30. Ravenna Bridge (H:21 ½ X W:26 ½)

31. Seattle Market Road Sign (H:21 ½ X W:26 ½)

32. Suburban Co-op (H:21 ½ X W:26 ½)

33. Measured Space w Woodpeckers (H:29 X W:25)

34. Measured Space (Clear Cut) (H:29 X W:25)

35. Measured Space (H:23 ¼ X W:24)

36. One Way (H:20 X W:26)

37. Duality w/ two moons (H:27 X W:26)

38. Yield (H:24 X W:18)

39. Caution (H:18 X W:21)

40. China (H:23 X W:29)

41. Ink. Inc. (H:30 X W:27)

42. Peace Arch (H:27 X W:36)

43. Iraq (H:22 X W:29)

44. Paper Works (H:28 X W:22)

45. Duality (H:26 X W:20)

46. Afghanistan (H:19 ½ X W:24 1/2)

47. Palestine (H:22 X W:13 3/4)

48. Duality w Fire Balls (H:26 X W:20)

49. Mac Donna (H:26 ½ X W:22)

50. Boomerang (H:22 X W:28)

51. Green Red Blue Cars (H:21 X W:27)

52. I-B-ME (H:20 X W:24)

53. Illusion Allusion (H: 26 X W:19)

54. Jag (H:24 X W:26)

55. Mourning Moon (H:27 ½ X W:21)

56. Roq On (H:23 X W:22)

57. Seven Cars for Tanguy (H:26 X W:21)