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Log Hog hails from Ellensburg, Washington, the same rural community that spawned The Screaming Trees and countless other music groups ranging in temperament from Rap to Country.

Since the early 1990's, Log Hog has been playing live hip-hop shows and turning out records. The core of Log Hog consists of Seed Verb, Sloe T and Nervous, with a revolving door of talent such as Crow, Fernando DC, Inasense and John Bobbits coming and going.

Log Hog CD's are a steal at $10 a pop. The group's most recent release, Mark and Tom/Latest Shits, features original lyrics and licks from Seed Verb and Sloe T.

Click here to check out Log Hog's web site for complete discography, sample cuts, photos and upcoming shows.

"I have no idea who these people are. But they are some of the Dopest MC's around. Think BEP without the political correctness. Very Daft Punk. There are 21 tracks with styles from disco to gangster rap. Check these rhymes out and pump up the party!" Bite Me, Los Angeles

"Where could this outrageous hip-hop collective from Ellensburg have acquired their manic energy from? Their funky beats, intelligent samples and fine vocal interplay prove that agriculture doesn't necessarily mean lack of culture." The Rocket, Seattle, WA

"The more than 20 tracks on Beat Soup have the potential to melt the synapses of any heads who have become disillusioned with the commercialized state of hip-hop..." Axis Music & Media Dispatch, Olympia, WA

"I really gave up on hip-hop after the big SNOOP DOGGY DOG/DR.DRE boom/bust of '93. Since then, I've found almost every rap/hip-hop group to be shit, straight up. Not these cats. Quite the opposite. They rock mad styles...you really couldn't name more versatile rappers." Eternal Forest Webzine, Conyers, GA

"More than just another band from the Northwest, Log Hog is a collective group of post-modern constructivist artists who piece together the rubble of the over-hyped, over-sold and over-played music which has been destroyed by the media." Fact Sheet 5, San Francisco, CA

Glosound Productions
Lunenburg, MA

A compilation of thirteen new songs by veteran performer and song writer, Wayne Beckner. Straight out of the gritty mill towns of Massachusetts.

Beckner, once with The Tyes and Michael & the Messengers, has been on the road performing solo for a good long time. He returned to his roots last year and hooked up with veteran musicians he had played with in his youth to produce Spent Sprocket.

Check out his site at: http://www.myspace.com/spentsprocket.