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Adam in the Year One

Adam in the Year One

A surreal film about a traumatized Nam vet caught in the web of his hallucinations.

Price: $20.00
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Tire Grabbers (second edition) - John Bennett

Tire Grabbers Audio CD

An unabridged reading of Tire Grabbers, read professionally by the author at Shofar Sho Good studios and produced by Disc Masters.

Price: $9.00
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Rug Burn - John Bennett


RUG BURN (Compact disc), John Bennett: a selection of Shards read by the author and dovetailed into the musical interpretations of Log Hog.

"I am at this moment listening to 'Rug Burn'. Stunning." John Thomas, poet.

"I have been listening to 'Rug Burn' for the past three days, and seriously, it is fucking awesome."

David Greenspan
Butcher's Block Press

"You're the only one who ever made me regret I don't own a CD player." Christopher Mulrooney, Los Poesy

Click here to hear Track 1 - Only Business

Price: $10.95
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